Bluetooth iBeacon Solution

FeasyBeacon Super is an USB-powered Bluetooth 4.2 super long range beacon, which comply with iBeacon,Eddystone, AltBeacon technology. With professional “FeasyBeacon” APP work via iOS and Android System, support 10 slots broadcast advertising frames. Transmit distance reach up to 4000m in very open space.


FeasyBeacon Super with CSR8811 Chipset, is specially customized for solving the poorer coverage problem, particularly suitable for retail, stadium, museum, hospital, exhibition, hotel, restaurant and the remote area wireless communication application, etc.

FeasyBeacon Super can be powered by any electronic device with USB port or directly by the AC power via an AC/DC power supply with the USB Port. This ensures an endless operating life, without any maintenance & extra cost for battery replacement.

FCC,CE, ROHS Certification available.

FeasyBeacon APP Download

● IOS system download “FeasyBeacon” from APP Store

● Android system download “FeasyBeacon” from Google Play



Need to work with the APP since Chrome removes Physical Web support on iOS and Android On Oct,2017

Android Smart Phone (Eddystone Setting)


1>  Turn on the Bluetooth & Location Service of the Android system.

2>  Android Smart Phone will repeat the proximity beacon searching process when every time lock on the smartphone’s screen.

3>  The beacon broadcasting information will pop up via notification, as the below image showing.

4>Visiting the beacon URL Link.

FeasyBeacon Super FSC-BP109 Antenna Installation Method:

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