Bluetooth Broadcast Audio Solution

Solution introduce

Feasycom bluetooth audio transceiver solution usehigh performance chipset such as CSR BC05, 8670 etc, which support SBC, AAC, APTX and other audio codec formats, as well as variety of audio interfaces such as Line In / Out, USB, SPDIF. Feasycom can provide various powerful and high performance audio solution to the customers based on their actual demands.




1. Bluetooth 3.0+EDR or bluetooth4.0 dual mode.

2.Transmit power up to 10dB.

3. Protocol support:A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, SPP, GATT,ETC.

4. Support SBC, AAC, APTX and other audio codec formats

5. Support Line In/Out, usb audio input, SPDIF input/output audio interfaces

6. Support audiopoint-to-multipoint,TrueWireless, ShareMe,etc.

Function introduction

1. Receive for audiopoint-to-multipoint:Bluetooth audio module can be connected by bluetooth master devices simultaneously such as two smartphones,tablet,laptop,computer, TV etc.

2. Transmit for audio point-to-multipoint: It can connect two bluetooth devices simultaneouslywhen in bluetooth audio transmit mode, and it can transmit music to these two devices.

3. Sharing oneAUX interface: It shares one 3.5mm AUX audio interface when module during  receiving& tranmismitting mode; When in audio transmitting mode , AUX line in; When in audio receiving mode ,AUX line out.

4. SPDIF audio: Support SPDIF OUT and SPDIF IN.

5. USB audio input: It will be identified as USB audio device when connect to computer, and it will transmit the voice to bluetooth speaker or bluetooth earphone.

6. One key switch: It can be switched by pressingthe button to choose audio receiving mode or transmitting mode.

7. Auto reconnection: After powering on, it will connect the last connected bluetooth devices.

8. Pairing records cleaning: Bluetooth devices pairing records can be cleaned by long pressing the pair record button.

9. Volume adjustment:  It can control the volume of audio transmission by V+/V- button.

10.Low electricity prompting: Indicator light flicker when the battery power is too low, and it will power off automatically some time later.

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