Arduino UNO Daughter Development Board | FSC-DB007

Product Overview

 ●  The FSC-DB007 is a plug-and-play Daughter Development Board designed for Arduino UNO, by utilizing Bluetooth modules such as FSC-BT616, FSC-BT646, FSC-BT826, FSC-BT836, it enables the Arduino UNO to communicate with remote Bluetooth devices.

 ●  Using this development board, developers can not only control the Bluetooth module with AT commands, but also do throughput transmission freely.

 ●  The FSC-DB007 is definitely the best option if you want to combine Feasycom’s Bluetooth modules and the Arduino UNO.

Basic Parameter

For the hardware part, the FSC-DB007 can be perfectly connected with Arduino UNO with pin ports. The FSC-DB007 Bluetooth development board only needs to use ~10 (module TX) and ~11 (module RX) IO ports of Arduino UNO. The remaining IO ports are not occupied. It is convenient for users to expand more functions and avoid the trouble of wiring.

For the software part, Feasycom provides a FREE serial port tool named ‘Feasycom serial port V1.0.3’ to users, to make it easier for users to do testing and functional development.


 ●  High compatibility

 ●  Make easy connections between Arduino UNO and Bluetooth modules

 ●  Only occupies two I/O ports of the Arduino UNO

 ●  Free serial tool for testing

 ●  Easy establishment

 ●  Ability to integrate a variety of Feasycom’s modules


 ●  Build connections between Arduino UNO and Bluetooth modules

 ●  Functionalities testing

 ●  Educational applications

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