Silicon Labs Class 1 Bluetooth 5 Long Range Module SIG MESH | FSC-BT671

Product Overview

 ●  FSC-BT671 is a Class 1 Bluetooth Long Range BLE 5 Module SIG MESH with long cover range of 100 meters. It's a highly flexible, ultra- lower power module. TX power up to +19dBm.

 ●  FSC-BT671 can be used for bluetooth mesh network project. Widely used in light control, smart home systems and so on.

 ●  FSC-BT671 also supports profiles including GATT (Server & Client), L2CAP, HCI, etc. with its default firmware. Customized firmware is also available.

 ●  Support communicating with the FeasyBlue app and many other Bluetooth apps


Basic Parameter

Bluetooth module model
Bluetooth version
BLE 5.0
Silicon Labs EFR32BG13
GATT(central/peripheral), SIG Mesh
2.4 - 2.4835 GHz
Transmit power
Power supply
1.8V - 3.8V
1 year
Ultral small size, Super long range, BLE 5.0, BLE Mesh network

  Bluetooth 5.0 specifications

  Integrate MCU

  Class 1 (signal power up to +19dBm)

  Bluetooth Low energy BLE protocols

  Bluetooth mesh network

  The default UART Baud rate is 115.2Kbps and can support from 1200bps up to 230.4Kbps

  UART, I2C, SPI, 12-bit ADC(200ks/S)data connection interfaces

  16 General Purpose I/O Pins

  Small size: 10mm*11.9mm*1.3mm

  Customized firmware available

  Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates supports


  Mesh light control network        

  Low power sensors


  Accessories device

  Home Appliances

  Internet of Things

  Safety and Security  

  Home Health Care 

Firmware Version

Firmware No. Application Profiles Support
BT671 BLE Master & Slave BLE、OTA
BT671 MESH Network MESH
BT671 Gateway Gateway

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