What are the technical characteristics of Beacon?

What is Beacon?  

Beacon is a broadcast protocol based on the Bluetooth low energy protocol, and it is also a Bluetooth low energy slave device with this protocol.

As a Beacon device FSC-BP104D, it is usually placed in a fixed location indoors to continuously broadcast to the surroundings, but it cannot be connected to any low-power Bluetooth host.

Bluetooth 5 Low Energy Beacon

What are the characteristics of Beacon?

1. Put it in a fixed place indoor or outdoor

2. Broadcast immediately after power-on

3. It is set to broadcast mode and cannot be connected with any low energy Bluetooth host to transmit and receive user data.

4. Parameters like the advertising content, interval, TX power, etc. are configurable by an app.

So how is Beacon send notification implemented? This depends on the APP installed on the mobile phone. For example, a customer installs an APP in a shopping mall, and the merchant deploys a Bluetooth Beacon in the corner of the digital counter. When the customer approaches the digital counter, the APP detects in the background that your mobile phone is less than 5 meters away from the digital counter, then the APP initiates a Notice, the latest digital product introduction and discount information will pop up after you click on it. Measure the distance between the beacon and the mobile phone and initiate a notification, all controlled by the APP.

How to use Bluetooth beacons?

The user uses a smart phone to download an APP "FeasyBeacon" developed by the Feasycom R&D team for the Bluetooth beacon. Through this APP, the user can connect to the Bluetooth beacon and modify the parameters, such as: UUID, Major, Minor, Beacon Name, etc. These parameters will broadcast information after the broadcast mode is turned on, so they are used for product promotion by large shopping malls.

In the working state, Beacon will continuously and periodically broadcast to the surrounding environment. The broadcast content includes MAC address, signal strength RSSI value, UUID and data packet content, etc. Once the mobile phone user enters the signal coverage of the Bluetooth beacon, it can form a mobile phone The automatic response mechanism at the end can realize the information receiving function without the user's extra manual operation.

In order to meet the requirements of customers in different countries, Feasycom have got many certifications for beacons, such as FSC-BP103B, FSC-BP104D, FSC-BP108 have CE, FCC, IC certifications. For beacon details, you could contact with Feasycom sales team directly.

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