Feasycom BLE Beacon with temperature and humidity sensor

  After three months of development,Feasycom released the new product --FSC-BP120 BLE Beacon.

  FSC-BP120 contains Temperature and Humidity sensor,it could monitor Temperature and Humidity of air,then collect these data and send to mobile App,so that you could monitor Temperature and Humidity at real time.

  FSC-BP120 BLE Beacon is Bluetooth 5.0 low energy Beacon ,adopt TI CC2640R2F chipset,built-in CR2032 coin battery,there contains press button and red LED light on the top of FSC-BP120 BLE Beacon,the button and LED light can control and show BLE Beacon status of “ Power ON/OFF ” and broadcast types , FSC-BP120 is small size: Φ32.5mm, H:11mm , very portable.

  FSC-BP120 Bluetooth Beacon supports iBeacon , Eddystone , AltBeacon profiles ,the UUID , Major and Minor are programmable,it supports upgrade firmware over aire ( OTA function ),FSC-BP120’s work distance up to 100m in open area,the Beacon color has Blue , Green , Red , Yellow alternative.

  We have FeasyBeacon App could work with FSC-BP120 BLE Beacon ,it could configure the Beacon parameter and receive data from Beacon ,we provide SDK to our customer , they could develop their own App based on FeasyBeacon SDK and API.

  FSC-BP120 Temperature and humidity sensor Beacon could used for many different application, for example : Monitor Fruit, Vegetables,Wine and so on.

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