Bluetooth module for car DSP application

DSP is mainly used in cars, CDs, and Android navigation. All hosts with volume increase and decrease, and high and low bass adjustment are implemented through DSP chips. In other words, 99% of the currently known car hosts have DSP chips. The work of DSP on the market adopts three methods, and the principles are:

1. The original car's high-level input. Convert high-level to low-level signal, then convert low-level to digital signal, after digital signal processing, it will finally convert to analog signal for its own 7850 amplifier or peripheral RCA output .

2. Low level input. Convert low-level to high-level signal, then convert high-level to RCA analog signal.

3. Optical fiber coaxial input. After direct digital signal processing, it will be converted to RCA analog signal. (This kind of conversion has the smallest sound loss, and the price of a DSP with digital input function can be sky-high)

Why is the car DSP equipped with Bluetooth?

1. The role of Bluetooth

Bluetooth itself transmits digital signals, because the existence of car DSP is only for setting the segmentation, strength, and distance transmission of the sound signal, and it does not make any qualitative changes to the entire music. With DSP installed, it means that you get a qualitative improvement in sound slicing, but if you don’t keep up with the basic equipment: speakers, audio sources, and amplifiers, it’s just futile. Bluetooth can efficiently transmit digital signals, which can improve the quality of early audio sources.

2. The recommendation of the Bluetooth module

Qualcomm’s CSR8670/QCC3007 chips are generally used in the market for Bluetooth modules, because Qualcomm’s Bluetooth chips are very good in terms of sound quality. We recommend two Bluetooth modules suitable for automotive DSP. These two Bluetooth modules have stable performance and excellent compatibility, cost-effective, favored by DSP product manufacturers, and it has been widely used in DSP products from domestic and foreign brands and models.

FSC-BT806A/FSC-BT806B module:


*Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode


*Size: 13mm x 26.9mm x 2.2mm

*apt-X, apt-X HD, LDAC, high quality audio


*QCC3007/QCC3008 chipset

*BQB, FCC, CE, IC, KC certified

*Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode

*FSC-BT1006C supports APTX, APTX HD

FSC-BT1006A/FSC-BT1006C are cheaper than FSC-BT806A/FSC-BT806B

Automotive DSPs will use more and more Bluetooth functions, and wireless Bluetooth modules will be more and more widely used in automotive DSPs.

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