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Small size nRF 52832 chip with BLE Bluetooth 5.0 module for data transmission and mesh network.Support wireless microcontroller (MCU) targeting Bluetooth 5.0.Integrate MCU to execute Bluetooth protocol stack

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Basic Parameter



* Support wireless microcontroller (MCU) targeting Bluetooth 5.0

* Integrate MCU to execute Bluetooth protocol stack

* Postage stamp sized: 10*11.9*1.7mm

* Low power

* Class 1.5 support(high output power)

* The default UART Baud rate is 115.2Kbps

GAP, ATT/GATT, SMP, L2CAP profiles

* Bluetooth stack profiles: all BLE protocols

* Integrated temperature sensor

* CE FCC Certification



Health & Medical devices

TV Remote Controller

LE HID, Beacon

Home Automation

wearable device

  • Download Name:FSC-BT630 Development Resources.zip Total:
  • Download Name:FSC-BT630 Datasheet V1.5 EN.pdf Total:
  • Download Name:FSC-BT6XX Programming User Guide V3.0(BLE).pdf Total:
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