Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh Network solution

Solution introduction

Intelligent lighting is an important entrance to smart home, traditional lighting has much problems  such as complicated wiring ,single control etc. Intelligent lighting equipped with FSC-BT630 module can replace existing lighting solution directly, without extra wiring, provide more Intelligent control and more extreme user experience.

Solution advantage

1. Adopt the latest Nordic nRF52832 chipset, Bluetooth V5 is supported, and 4.2/4.0 is compatible.

2. Support SIG and MESH standard protocol.

3. Can controlled directly by smart phone , compared to control by gateway, the network delay is lower.

4. The whole delay and packet loss rate are excellent than Zigbee network.

5. Provide extra services as trajectory description ,indoor positioning etc 

6. Can achieve linkage control with other devices

7. Network can accommodate up to 60,000 devices

8. Mini size (10mm * 11.9mm Tolerance: ±0.1mm)

9. Low cost compared  to other wireless solution.

Hardware diagram


Network diagram

Mobile APP can connect with any node for data transmission. Any node in the network can communicate bidirectionally.

Function introduction

1. Automatic networking:

 Users can choose to add devices automatically or manually on the APP. Adding devices to network automatically can reduce the learning cost and the operation difficulty of customers.

2. Group control

Users can divide the devices in network into different groups for easy management

3. Separate control

Can individually control any device on the network.

4. Device linkage

Users can set up two devices linkage, for example: the owner go out and light off.

5. Scene control

Users can edit the scene in advance, and apply to the network directly, such as warm color bedroom lights, mild corridor lights, bright living room lights.

6. Upgrade

Users can upgrade the devices online directly through APP for facilitating the post-maintenance.

Application software

1. Android

 Provide Android system mesh networking software examples and related technical support.

2. IOS

Provide IOS system mesh networking software examples and related technical support.


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